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>> Why you shouldn’t use WEP keys (and if you don’t believe it: how to crack WEP)
>> Try to crack your own WPA network to see if it’s safe
>> Change your MAC address
>> Sniff e-mail credentials with Wireshark/Ethereal (or: why should one protect his network!)
>> Sniff SSL encypted passwords (so, do not click OK without reading certificates!)
>> How to find and execute Perl exploits (why you should always use the latest Wordpress)
>> Hack a bluetooth enabled phone: Bluesnarfing in 7 steps (bluetooth safe?)
>> Hide PHP/HTML/JavaScript in images (watch out when clicking images!)

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>> So you want to hack your neighbor? Don’t forget to ask his permission! Hacking IS illegal. Request tutorials by mailing to req@profit42.com

>> This page and all the tutorials are only for information purposes. Always make sure you asked the victim permission if you aren’t the victim yourself. This makes the whole hacking more fun, for both you and the victim. This site isn’t responsible for any actionsyou take after reading a tutorial from this site (and by the way: could someone please send me a good English language lesson?).

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